As a result of my program I want people to have a better quality of life and end the world obesity epidemic”. - Head Trainer, Jonathan

Welcome to Do It Yourself Personal Training (DIYPT) brought to you by Eyes on the Prize PT Pty Ltd. 
Before we make this all about you and your journey to good health and body confidence, let us tell you a bit about who we are.


The background story

I, Jonathan, created Eyes on the Prize P.T. back in May 2011. I pride myself on educating and empowering my clients to ensure that they are confident in their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices and, as a result, achieve a greater quality of life.

My client base has always been busy Corporates and stay at home mothers because both groups are close to my heart. Before starting my business, I worked in HR for 10 years for a number of banks so I understand how busy office workers get and how hard it is to eat healthy and find time to exercise, limit stress and sleep well.

Similarly, I'm a father of two kids so I understand what mothers go through and especially what their bodies go through. And like busy Corporates, mothers find little time to exercise and eat well, as a mother's day revolves around her child.

I created DIYPT in November 2014 because I wanted a product which allowed me to reach more people whilst still providing my high end face to face PT services, but online. I remember in early 2019 I calculated that in 8 years I’ve been training people, I helped more than 460 people reach their fitness goal. That’s only 58 people per year. That is just not enough to make a difference. Within 7 years, we (my wife and I) want to change the lives of 5,000 people.
DIYPT Mission Statement: Empowering our generation to save the next generation.


When I worked in a Corporate role, this was a typical day…

I have a soft spot for our Corporate Health Seminars because I used to work in a Corporate role for 10 years so I understand with a high performing business comes high pressure work and a busy schedule, plus the busyness of your personal life. So the focus on health and fitness can take a backseat. 

In addition, stress is ever so present so I run corporate health seminars to empower people with tips and techniques around stress, rest, nutrition and exercise.

Companies we’ve ran seminars for are:

  • ANZ Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • CBP Lawyers
  • Fitness First
  • KPMG
  • IQ Group
  • Maxwell and Co
  • MCW Lawyers
  • Mr Vitamins
  • PM Partners
  • Study Group

Here’s a video showing our seminars in action to give you an insight. If you believe your company would benefit, contact us.


Every year we hold a health retreat to celebrate your hard work and dedication to your health and fitness; have a well deserved R&R with like-minded people that have similar fitness goals and interests; learn cool things you may not have known about training and nutrition; and to get energised and driven to tackle the rest of the year.


  1. Our trademark is education. So you will be filled with knowledge and education you can apply to your busy schedule as you’ll learn from other’s experience and knowledge; will learn from the different mindfulness activities; practical tools; and from the many hands on cooking demonstrations.
  2. Complete relaxation in a child-free,  beautiful beach-front location. Picture this… Relax with morning yoga on the beach as the red sky in the distance illuminates with the sun rising. The sound of waves crashing in the background as you practice mindful meditation. Soft sand between your feet and fingers as you have a relaxing stroll on the beach. A stretch and massage class whilst breathing in fresh air. Oooh yeah!
  3. Build camaraderie outside our workouts with us and the rest of the DIYPT family over a camp fire, battle it out in friendly team fitness challenges,  team games and much more. I met some of my best friends at retreats.
  4. Learn cool techniques and hacks regarding your training and nutrition that you may not have known.
  5. Come back de-stressed and rejuvenated as we are going to have so much fun. 

Specific details such as venue and dates are detailed closer to the date. So just relax and leave it with us.

All you need to do is pack your bag and meet us at the airport!


Coming soon...



Our mission is to empower our generation to save the next generation.

Did you know that if we continue the way we are going, in 2025 over 82% of children will be obese or overweight? (Wesley Corporate Health) 

Trinh and I have 2 young boys and the moment my eldest son Brian was born, I dedicated myself to creating fitness programs for kids of various ages from 8 years old to 16 years old and of different activity levels.

Our programs use a combination of interactive games, resistance based exercises and fun challenges with the following desired outcomes:

  • Increased fitness
  • Increased confidence
  • Teaches discipline
  • Increased hand-eye coordination and general coordination
  • Burns excess energy
  • Reduces frustration and stress
  • Improves posture
  • Improves mental state and cognition
  • Improves mental focus 

Our program runs for a minimum eight weeks and is a non-contact program so injury is prevented. I have my Working with Children Certificate, qualified to train children under the age of 16 and my Public Liability insurance covers this as well. 

Furthermore, I am an Active Kids provider. If you want more information, contact us.


about Jonathan

Jonathan Guico has set out to be the best Personal Trainer in Sydney dedicated to transforming the bodies, mindsets and lifestyles of his clients by inspiring, educating and empowering them. 


  • Helped 600+ people achieve their fitness goal
  • 9 years PT experience 
  • 13 years boxing experience
  • Helped fix 100+ injuries and mobility issues


  • Rehab Trainer certified
  • Boxing Master Trainer
  • Accredited Nutrition Coach
  • BioSignature Practitioner- Skinfold testing and giving recommendations to help maximise your body composition


  • Corporate health and fitness
  • Busy mothers 
  • Boxing for competitions and fitness
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation 

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