Trial program - 4 things you need to know before registering


Cost for trial program is $14 and you have full access to our offering including the live workouts, for 14 days. Program registration cutoff time to start this coming Monday is 9.30pm Sunday.


You will need muscle / resistance bands if you're doing the home program. You can purchase them from us for $32 a set (comes in a set of 3) or big retail shops like Kmart. Otherwise you'll get the bands as well as all the other equipment you need when you purchase the full 13 week program.

If you have access to dumbbells or sandbags, great! You can use them for some of the exercises. Otherwise, the muscle bands will be enough. 


One of the main ways we communicate with you is via email where, for example, we send you a motivational video every Sunday to start your week even more pumped up and determined than you already are.

If you don’t receive these emails, make sure you check your junk mail folder. At DIYPT we focus on your fitness. Anytime, anywhere. For any email enquiries, we will check and respond twice daily at 12pm and 4pm.


If you are going away on holidays or have something on, we suggest you signup to your trial when you get back.