The best weight loss exercises for beginners

14 July, 2022  Training

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When planning your beginner workouts, especially quick in-home workouts, consider this. The best weight loss exercise you can do to lose weight is a cardiovascular (cardio) exercise for 30 minutes or more at one time. 

Besides running, cardio exercises are low impact on your body so you can do them most days of the week, you don't require much technique training and are great for easy home workouts. It can be done by everyone, anytime and anywhere. 

The cardio exercise that most people choose is running 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ . There is nothing wrong with running IF you are an experienced runner and have good technique. 


Why running isn't the best exercise for beginners? 

Running isn't the best choice for beginners, because it is a form of what we call, an eccentric landing exercise. Eccentric landing exercises are exercises where the impact of the load generated by the movement, is absorbed by your body in excessive amounts when your feet land on the ground. 

In running, it’s a one-foot land, one-foot land, you never have two feet on the ground so you absorb your entire body mass plus gravity all on one foot. Ouch! 

Plus, you repeat this hundreds of times because you are going for 30 minutes or more and exercising to fatigue. This is a recipe for all types of injuries.

Injuries aside, the eccentric landing will cause plenty of soreness through your thighs, and glutes and you’re more likely to get shin splints which means you may have to stop training to recover and take more recovery days off than you plan.

In addition, if you’re not landing properly when you run, it’ll result in knee problems that can develop into back or shoulder ailments as well!

These issues also apply to a jog and even walking. If you’re not used to the exercise or don’t have the correct technique, you’ll have the same problems as running.

I do want to acknowledge that there are beginners who could just run and lose weight and do it long-term, but there are very few in this category.


What are the best weight loss exercises? 

Anytime you are going to your limits of fatigue, you want to start with exercises that are mostly concentric-based

Concentric-based exercises are exercises where you push the load but never land and absorb the pressure. 

Examples include our PT-led high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and our PT-led resistance-based circuits called Feel Good and Wake Me UpThese workouts use cardio and resistance-based exercises where you push the load but do not land and absorb the pressure like squats and overhead presses.

Our supervised boxing classes are effective as well because, even though you do land and absorb pressure when you punch, the amount of impact is much less than running because there's no one-foot landing for hundreds of steps. Furthermore, our team of professional Boxing Trainers focus on technique and ensures good form is maintained throughout the session.

Cycling/bike riding is another great alternative because you’re mainly pushing the pedal but never landing and absorbing pressure. Another outdoors exercise is walking or running up a hill.

The beauty of these abovementioned exercises is that you can do a quick workout and not have to spend hours to get weight loss results. Furthermore, you can do most of these exercises as quick home workouts.

Running Stairs

When you walk or run uphill and stairs, you are pushing off the ground not landing and absorbing the impact


Stationary Bike

Riding a bike - You’re mainly pushing the pedal but never landing and absorbing pressure


What exercise do you currently use to lose weight?

So, if you’re looking for beginner workouts and weight loss exercises for home, we recommend starting with supervised cardio workouts like our online HIIT sessions, and our Feel Good and Wake Me Up weight circuits. Also, cardio exercises like cycling and uphill running or walking are great. These exercises are gentle on the body and can be done by beginners of any age.

If you’re going to use eccentric landing exercises like running and walking as a beginner, progress your volume slowly. If you’re not used to running/walking a long distance, start with 10 minutes and then slowly progress to more. 

What exercise do you currently use to lose weight? Let us know by contacting us – we’d love to help you on your weight loss journey with a complimentary consultation with one of our friendly and highly experienced Trainers. 


10 minute all body workout

24 January, 2022  Training


Do you have 10 minutes to spare for a workout?


We always say, something is better than nothing. When you’re starting out, doing 10 minutes a day is a much more achievable goal than trying to do 30 minutes everyday especially for a busy parent.


Once you get into routine, you will find that you can do more than 10 minutes, so we encourage our members to work up to 30 minutes a day, 5x a week. But only where they are ready.

We had such a member, Veronica, who for many years didn’t exercise due to being time poor. However, she knew she had to because she had a bad back and sore knees. 


So she started with 5 minutes a day which quickly turned into 10 minutes, and now is doing 30 minutes 5x a week.


Try an example of one of our 10 minute workouts. Trinh and I do the workout with you, with Trinh doing an easier version and I, doing the harder version of the exercise.


For more short workouts, click on our Time Saver workouts.