10 minute all body workout

24 January, 2022  Training


Do you have 10 minutes to spare for a workout?


We always say, something is better than nothing. When you’re starting out, doing 10 minutes a day is a much more achievable goal than trying to do 30 minutes everyday especially for a busy parent.


Once you get into routine, you will find that you can do more than 10 minutes, so we encourage our members to work up to 30 minutes a day, 5x a week. But only where they are ready.

We had such a member, Veronica, who for many years didn’t exercise due to being time poor. However, she knew she had to because she had a bad back and sore knees. 


So she started with 5 minutes a day which quickly turned into 10 minutes, and now is doing 30 minutes 5x a week.


Try an example of one of our 10 minute workouts. Trinh and I do the workout with you, with Trinh doing an easier version and I, doing the harder version of the exercise.


For more short workouts, click on our Time Saver workouts.


What exercise should you start with?

06 October, 2021  Training

If you’re just starting out, what’s the best exercise you should start with?

The key to sticking with your exercise in the long term is consistency. And it’s hard to be consistent if you don’t enjoy exercising or can’t find a way to enjoy it.

So here are my 3 MUSTS:

1. Start with something you enjoy like playing sport, running around with your kids, swimming, gardening, hiking or dancing.


2. If there ISN’T any form of exercise you like, do things that you enjoy when you exercise like:

    • social exercising, ie. exercise with a friend or do a group class;
    • listen to music;
    • exercise while watching your favourite TV show.


3. Work towards the weekly standard of 150 minutes light to moderate exercise, 75 minutes high intensity exercise and 2 sessions of resistance based workouts per week.


Did you know weight loss is 40% muscle loss?

09 September, 2021  Training

Juno weight loss is muscle loss

Are you a parent that has gained some weight during the pandemic? 


Many Australians have gained an average 3kgs over the pandemic, with the stress of COVID-19 seeing blood pressure and smoking rates rise. 


So more than ever, many Australians are looking to lose weight.


However, many people don’t realise there is a difference between weight loss vs. quality weight loss.


Research has repeatedly shown that ~30 to 40% of weight loss comes from muscle mass 💪


That is, for every kilogram of weight lost, 300 to 400g of that weight is your muscle mass!


This is very important for long-term results, as weight reduction that causes a significant loss of muscle tissue is strongly correlated with a GREATER APPETITE, LOWERED METABOLIC RATE and WEIGHT REGAIN.


Losing weight is all about energy restriction ie. reducing food intake / diet. 


If you’re going to go into an energy restriction / diet, we encourage you to implement WEIGHT TRAINING 🏋️‍♀️ to help reduce muscle loss.


You hang onto your muscle mass better than just diet and cardio alone. 


It will also minimise performance slumps and has led to greater fat loss efficiency.



Massage ball tips for long periods of sitting

17 March, 2021  Training

 NOTE: A massage ball is one of the things we give you in your goodie bag once you sign up to our membership.

If you don't have a massage ball, you can use a tennis ball or something harder like a cricket ball, baseball or golf ball.

Click here for a Printable version

Massage Ball Tips


First 4 weeks of my training program, the results.

18 February, 2019  Training

For me, the first four weeks of a fitness program is the hardest mainly because of the food plan. As mentioned in the last Juno newsletter, in the first 2 weeks I went on a maintenance calorie and macronutrient (macros) plan which was:


Training day

Non-training day




Carbohydrates 35%



Protein 35%



Fats 30%



This Maintenance phase allowed me to shed body fat without going on a ‘diet’ which cuts out essential vitamins, minerals and macros. I need these nutrients to thrive on the volume of the training program.

Me 4Weeks Front

Me 4Weeks Side

Me 4Weeks Back

For someone who was used to having 3500 calories and over 300g of carbohydrates per day during the holidays, these macronutrient targets were difficult. Thankfully my training program for the first 2 weeks was at a 70% intensity.

In week 3 and 4 I started to reintroduce more carbohydrates to go into a clean weight gain phase to increase size and muscle mass as my training gets heavier and harder. This is because being of Asian descent, it’s very hard for me to gain clean muscle mass without the added fat storage.

After 4 weeks I dropped 4.1% body fat and 3.2cm off my waistline. But don’t think that it was easy to get these results. 

There were a number of times where I didn’t hit my macros. During the Australia Day long weekend, I didn’t achieve my macro targets for 3 consecutive days! Another major setback was that I averaged 5 hours of sleep during these 4 weeks. Two to three black coffees helped with this. Also, I started stretching for the first half hour of every day.

So from here, my macros will go into a high fats phase before it goes into a carb loading phase and seeing how the body looks and feels, in week 9 and 10 I’ll go into a calorie deficit phase.

I would love to know how your fitness journey is going so far in 2019. Comment below or Contact Us directly.

Remember, keep your eyes on the prize.


First 4 weeks of my training after a long break

17 January, 2019  Training

Put your hand up if you are reluctant to go back to training and clean eating after your break? I find it very daunting after a 2 week holiday, let alone 3!

So that’s why in the first 4 weeks my program looks like this      

- I do exercises I enjoy and the intensity starts at 70%.

This way, I’m more likely to do the program and give it my absolute best and as the weeks go by, the intensity can increase at an appropriate pace. In my program it increases 2.5% every week. If I started week 1 at a 100% intensity which some programs suggest, then there isn’t any room to progress the intensity.

One obvious mistake most people make with their training program is they DON’T change their program periodically in phases. Personally, I measure results every 2 weeks and subsequently will change my program every 2-4 weeks depending on the results. 

The first phase of any training program is the General Preparation Phase and hence why in my first phase I put exercises which are fundamental, primal movements such as the squat, lunge, overhead press, deadlift and pullup. Also, I do my cardio on a separate day, and once again in the first 2 weeks, ensure its something you enjoy. My preference is boxing. 

In weeks 3 and 4, I do a hypertrophy phase (muscle building) and do a split program which focuses on 2 muscle groups per day. This increases the intensity of the workouts substantially and allows me to go into a fat burning zone because increasing muscle mass will help reduce body fat.

One final point. In my first 4 weeks, I start the program with the more difficult, compound exercises like a squat or overhead press and then finish up with exercises that are less difficult like a seated row and/or use less muscles and joints like a lying leg curl.

If you would like a copy of my program, contact us

Remember, keep your eyes on the prize.



Workouts you can do while on holidays

06 December, 2018  Training

Have you been on holidays and wanted to do a workout but there is no gym in sight or the gym you have has just one treadmill and a 4 station multiplex weights machine?

These workouts I’ve designed for Trinh and I when we are on holidays and I’ve tailored it to my members as well. Give them a crack and let me know.

From experience being on holidays, the main issue for not doing a workout is the amount of time it takes to do it so I've gone to the liberty of designing these workouts based on the amount of time you have... so you have no excuses!

10 minute workout

20 minute workout

30 minute workout - For one section of the workout, you'll need a resistance band. If you don’t have one, you can use dumbbells, weight plates or be creative and use your luggage or water bottles.

Add a comment below or if you're not a member, contact us to let us know what your favourite quick workout is from the three. And if you have a different one you do, we'd love for you to share wth us.

Remember, keep your eyes on your prize.


My top 5 high calorie burning exercises

14 November, 2018  Training

Wouldn't it be great to know what body weight exercises burn the most calories? So look no further.

Before we go into them, note that there are other exercises which burn more calories but they don't make the list because they fall into one of these three reasons:

1. They require other equipment that isn't easy to obtain

2. Not everyone can do the exercise due to difficulty or physiological limitations

3. Mix information about how much calories they actually burn

I would love to know what you had on your list of body weight exercise must do's and if you agree or disagree with my list. Add your list of exercises below in the comments area. If you're not a member, add your list to the contact us section.


My favourite booty exercises

11 September, 2018  Training

 Back Squat FemaleThe reason why working out your glutes regularly is great for reducing body fat is because the gluteal group is the largest group of muscles on your body. So when they work, your other muscles MUST work.

Also, because they are the largest group of muscles, they require compound exercises like the squat and deadlift to train them rather than isolated exercises like a bicep curl.

And when you do compound exercises, your body is forced to recruit as many muscles and joints to start and finish the movement. So this in turn increases the physisiological load on your body increasing muscle gains, your metabolism and heart rate which in turn burns more calories and fat.

So below are our favourite glute exercises for a bodyweight workout as well as a workout with weights.

Bodyweight exercises

10min Workout from the video

1A. Bulgarian split squat - 20 sec work each leg

1B. Butterfly glute bridge with powerband around knee – 40 sec work

1C. Pop squats – 60 sec work

No rest, 4 rounds.

Exercises with weights

BB back squat - Try 5 reps x 5 sets; X0X0 tempo; 2 minute rest

BB sumo deadlift - Try 5 reps x 5 sets; X0X0 tempo; 2 minute rest

BB elevated glute bridge Try 10-15 reps x 3-4 sets; 30x1 tempo; 90 second rest


Once again this is our opinion. If you're a DIYPT member, add a comment below. We'd love to hear your favourite booty exercises. 

Click here if you need the tempo explained.


My go to mobility drills for running

14 August, 2018  Training

When I go for a run, these mobility drills are the ones I do without fail.

If I don't have much time and I don't have access to any equipment. These stretches are my go to.

What are we stretching?

Hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and inner thigh area. 

Who should do this?
All runners including people who play sport involving running and cyclists. Note, I usually do this drill at the start of my run, but when I do it at the end, I hold each stretch for 25 seconds.
Equipment needed?
Nothing. However, if you don’t have a soft surface like carpet or grass, use a training mat.

When I have more time and a foam roller, I do the following muscle release drills. 

What are we releasing? 

Your quads, glutes (butt), hamstrings and calves.

Who should do this?

Everyone who does the ITB (Illiotibial Band) foam roll or anyone who runsm rides a bike or plays sports which involves running. 

Equipment needed? A foam roller.


Adela's running achievement

09 August, 2018  Training

Adela is a mother of 2 and just gave birth to her second, so she was very excited to do my DIYPT program, was very driven and set herself goals which she smashed!!!

One of those goals was to run her very first 5km race. She never ran before and struggled with doing 1km so finishing 5km was a massive achievement for her.

Watch her video diary below and delve into her 13 week fitness journey to get a taste of the struggles she went through, the adjustments she needed to make but was still able to achieve so much.

Congrats once again Adela for your achievements so far, because I know you're not finished with your fitness journey.



Four winter musts to ensure you reach your fitness goal

05 June, 2018  Training

This is the ugly truth. 87% of people don’t achieve their fitness goal because of these 4 things. These are 4 simple steps that you’ve probably heard before but most people aren’t doing them or are doing them poorly. The 4 steps are:

 1. You need to make a decision

With every aspect of your fitness goal, training, nutrition and mindset, you need to make a decision and the answer needs to be black or white, yes or no. For example:

  • What are you going to eat? What are you not going to eat?
  • What percentage of intensity are you going to work at? 50%, 80% of your personal best?
  • What time will you sleep every night and what time will you get up every morning?
  • Are you going to make parties your ‘treat’ day?
  • Will you have a little dessert or none at all? 

This is the difference between healthy choice eating and fasting. With fasting, there are clear decisions you make… simple, it’s either time to eat or fast. There is also clear instructions of what you can and can’t eat with some fasting methods.

I’m not one to fast but it makes my point clear and, well… fast. Another example is tracking macros. Our program DIYPT gives you macronutrient targets to meet and this is once again black or white. It either fits your macros or it doesn’t (more about this argument in the ‘Fitness fads and myths’).

Nutrition is 75% of your end result. If you know that you are easily tempted by sweets or junk food, bring your own food to outings or ask your friends if you can go somewhere with healthier options. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Most people won’t feel sorry for you when you’re unhappy about your weight. You are doing this for you.

2. Tie these decisions to a goal

For example, I will stick to this eating habit along with 3 days of training for 3 months.

Know what you want to achieve. Clients come up to me daily and say they want to lose weight. Your body weight is made up of water, muscles, blood, organs and fat.

What people need is to lose fat, and the scale is not your friend. With my one on one clients and on our DIYPT online program, we do girth measurements and progress photos to gauge success.

3. Have a plan for your training

Most people I see at our gym exercise by ‘feeling’. What I mean is that people exercise by how they feel eg. I feel like doing light weights today; I don’t feel like doing that; I’m not feeling it, I’ll come back tomorrow.

They don’t have an exercise plan they follow and if they do, most of them don’t stick to it completely. And now that winter is here, it’ll be even more difficult to not train by ‘feel’. Also, you’re more likely to plateau. 

So it’s important to have a plan and stick by it. And if you don’t have a plan or are new to exercise, seek professional help. Even I had my own Trainer. He helped me put all the theory that I’ve learnt studying into practice and through my years after seeing him, I’ve tried things and fine tuned methods that work for my clients and now have implemented them into our DIYPT online program.

For example DIYPT has 3 main goals we help to achieve because there are 3 main body types that we all fit in at least one; the programs go through different phases and changes as your body progresses and adapts to the program; and we’ve fine tuned tracking macros to help work for our busy members.

 4. Intensity! Intensity! Intensity!

Quick definition. Intensity means, the energy you exert equates to the potential amount of fat you’ll lose. However, high intensity doesn’t just mean running for 1 hour everyday. You have to be smart about the type of training you choose and you don’t have to exercise for 2-3 hours at a time to reduce fat.

If you have a body type which loses 2kg as soon as you get sick, you’re more susceptible to cardio training and therefore, enjoy it. Instead you should be doing medium to heavy weight training most days of the week and be in a calorie surplus. On the other hand, if you gain 2kg just looking at a donut, you’re more susceptible to heavy weight training so you should plan more cardio sessions in your weekly program and include a calorie deficit in your food plan.

Make no mistake, high intensity isn't needed all the time, but when you do need it, it can take different forms. The different forms we implement intensity into our DIYPT programs include:

-       Heavy weight where in the last 2 reps you struggle

-       Empty the tank

-       Core circuit blitz

-       Weights circuit

-       Tabata

-       AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

-       Time saver workouts

So remember: 1. Make a decision; 2. Tie these decisions to a goal; 3. Have a plan for your training. If you need help and want to try DIYPT before you commit to the 13 week program, I have an offer at the moment, where you can trial my program for 14 days for $14; and last but not least 4. Intensity! Intensity! Intensity!


Boxing Academy for Teenagers (B.A.T)

15 May, 2018  Training

Bat Defence Families

DIYPT is very passionate about boxing, with lead Trainer Jonathan having 15+ years of boxing experience. Accredited with the Working with Children Check and an Active Kids provider, we are also passionate about increasing the health and fitness of children.

Our B.A.T program is a non-contact program so injury is minimised. It goes for 10 weeks and by the end of it, your child will:

  • Be able to demonstrate the basics of boxing ie. the stance, 6 fundamental punches, slipping and weaving;
  • Increase self-confidence as each session is designed for your child to achieve and accomplish something;
  • Increase their fitness and strength;
  • Increase coordination, agility and reaction time;
  • Reduce frustration and stress.

How do I get my child involved?

Our B.A.T programs are currently run through schools. If you can get a minimum of 20 kids interested then I can organise a non-school affiliated program.

Important note: The program is not just available for teenagers. We also have kids from 8 years old.


$100 per child for the 10 week program. If you apply for the $100 Active Kids voucher that your child is entitled to, then our program is essentially free. Click here to apply

Current programs running:

  • Mt Pritchard Public School
  • All Saints Catholic Senior College
  • Wooloomooloo PCYC
  • Holsworthy Defence Families 

Workout - Legs using one piece of equipment!

06 April, 2018  Training

Time poor and have minimal equipment? Try this workout.

Note: You can substitute the powerband for a sandbag, dumbbells or a barbell. For the overhead lunge, you can use a weight plate, light barbell or sandbag.


Have a plan

07 March, 2018  Training

It’s great to have fitness goals but they are just dreams if you don’t have a plan to achieve them. There are a lot of methods out there to give you a structured plan. Here are two I’ve used previously: 

The one I use currently and have used for a few years now is the Weekly Action Plan, a.k.a. WAP. I like it because it starts with the end result first and then breaks it down to weekly goals and even further down to daily goals. Here is an example of one I’ve used in the past:

Weekly Goal

3 key areas to focus on

Frequent / daily goals

Lose 1kg by the end of the week


Meet your carbohydrates target every day including the weekends

1. Plan what you're eating the night before so you're less likely to go over your carbs

2. Eat something every 3 hours

3. Buy more protein powder and have more protein shakes to fill your sweet cravings and the need for starchy carbs

Exercise 5 times a week

1. Do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking

2. Avoid long cardio sessions as that will increase your appetite

3. Do your DIYPT program and do the parts you enjoy so it's a quicker workout and do the time saver workouts as well because you're time poor.

Reduce your calories

1. Increase water to 0.033 x your body weight

2. Reduce salt to 120mg per 100g

3. Reduce sugar to 6 teaspoons a day (25g a day).


If you want me to develop a WAP for you, contact me here . However, if you understand what you need to do, and just want a program with a food plan, come join the movement!



Fads & myths - Cardio, cardio cardio

06 March, 2018  Training

60 second Juno is about giving you a small chunk of valuable information in 60 seconds. 

Today's episode is about the fad that cardio should be the go to form of exercise when you want to start exercising or get back into exercise.

Note: In the video it talks about adding a comment below if you want us to help you further. This is for members only. If you want to reach out to us, do so by contacting us.



10 minute Strong Buns

04 March, 2018  Training

Juno, your glutes are the largest muscles in your body? They are an important muscle group for many reasons, including increased overall strength, prevention of lower back injury, improving athletic performance, improving posture and helping you fit nicely into your favourite pair of jeans.
Here is a 10 minute workout for Strong Buns. Make sure you squeeze and activate your muscles with every single rep to make it count!
2 x Sumo Squat Jumps
4 x Reverse Lunges
6 x Glute Bridges
8 x Reverse Glute Bridges



Tempo - the most important aspect of training

26 January, 2018  Training

Tempo refers to the speed in which each rep is performed. For example, if it takes three seconds to go into a lunge and one second to come out of the lunge, then the tempo is three seconds eccentrically (lowering the weight) and one second concentrically (lifting the weight).

So tempo refers to the speed of your movement, hence the reason why it is spoken hand in hand with time under tension which is the total time a muscle resists weight during each set.

Typically, in a training program, the tempo will be displayed as four numbers, so it may look something like 3-0-1-0. Which means:

  • The first number (3) is the eccentric, or lowering component of the lift.
  • The second number (0) indicates any pause at the midpoint.
  • The third number (1) is the concentric, or lifting component.
  • Finally, the fourth number (0) indicates any pause at the top.

If you just want to get the gist about what tempo is, you can stop reading now. For those who want to know how to apply it to their training, continue reading.

From the definition I’m sure you can immediately see the reasons why tempo is arguably the most important component of your training. For one, performing a lunge which takes you four seconds to complete versus a lunge which takes you two seconds to complete, which one do you think is harder to do? If you’re struggling with the answer, why don’t you stand up and try it.

Now do a bodyweight lunge with a tempo of one second to lower yourself (eccentric phase) into the lunge (one one thousand) and one second to lift yourself up (concentric phase) from the lunge (one one thousand). Do this for 5 reps. With your other leg, lunge slower where it takes you three seconds to get down into the lunge (one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand) and one second to get up. Do this for 5 reps as well. Tell me, which one was harder? If you said the lunge which had a total four seconds of time under tension, you would be correct.

A slower, more controlled movement is harder to do than a faster one because your making your muscles work longer under tension and more muscles are recruited for you to control the movement, therefore you have to work harder. Simple as that!

And doing this creates more muscle trauma, leading to greater muscle growth in response. It also poses a challenge to your stability and core strength, as you’re being forced to remain upright with a rigid torso under load. Of course, longer, more tiring sets mean improved conditioning and greater caloric expenditure as well.

Other reasons why tempo is king:

  • Improved body awareness
  • Improved control of lifts
  • Development of connective tissue strength
  • Focus on muscular elements versus tendinous elements. Which means, a slow controlled motion is going to place more stress on the muscles, whereas a bouncy or ballistic motion will place more stress on the tendons etc. (source: T-Nation)

Would I benefit from adding tempo to my workouts, you ask. A loud, resounding yes! Everyone would benefit, yet most online programs out there don’t talk about tempo. And it's one of the components of our DIYPT programs that get results.

Bear in mind the tempo will be different depending on the type of training you are doing. Below has been adapted from the work of A.S. Prilepin, a Soviet sports scientist. I’d like you to base your workouts on the following depending on your training.


Type of training



Hypertrophy (muscle building)



Tempo (typically)






Time under tension for each rep

8 sec

3 sec

4 sec

3 sec

2 sec

Total Time under tension

120 – 180 sec

60 – 90 sec

40 – 70 sec

< 20 sec

< 20 sec







All about the Arms

24 January, 2018  Training

Are you looking for a good arm workout?

Here is a 10 minute workout to strengthen your arms. You can do this first thing in the morning or squeeze in two sets of 5 minutes whenever you can during the day. The point is to just get started and be consistent! 

Remember, you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great!

💪4 x Push ups into Tricep dips
💪 3 x Renegades on each side
💪 2 x Walkouts
💪 1 minute of Tricep dips


10 minute butt burner

10 January, 2018  Training

Something is better than nothing.

I keep saying if you are time poor and find it hard to be consistent with your exercise, try 10 minute workouts.

If you like to shake what yo’ momma gave ya’ here is my 10 min butt burner.

What equipment do I need?
Just you and a bench preferably at knee cap height.




Fads & myths: Fat loss is the same as weight loss

09 October, 2017  Training

Fat Vs Weight Loss 800X600

No... Hell no!!!!

When you focus on losing fat or ‘toning up’, you gain lean muscle mass. And as illustrated in the picture above to the left, muscle weighs more than fat because it is more nutrient dense.

And as shown in the picture above to the right, you would probably weigh more but have less body fat and have the body you’ve always wanted. So please don’t obsess on how much you weigh and stop weighing yourself every day. Just like we do in our DIYPT programs, a better way to measure your progress is by taking progress photos, doing girth measurements and/or letting your clothes give you feedback on how you’re progressing.


Boosting family physical activity

18 June, 2017  Training

Blog Family Soccer 

Almost all of us were naturally active and playful as kids. As we grew up, we lost many opportunities for play and movement. Our lives just get busier and busier and most of the time it’s pressure we put on ourselves such as checking our Facebook status or checking emails while having family time. 

Do you know if we continue the way we are today, in 2025, over 82% of Australians will be obese or overweight (Wesley Corporate Health)

Now is the time to regain that playfulness as a family and enjoy spending time together.

  • Make time – It can be a challenge, but parents who prioritise time for family activity take the most important step toward encouraging healthy habits in children. 
  • Get the right gear – Have you got a generous supply of balls, bats, racquets, frisbees, water pistols and other outdoor gear? 
  • Give active gifts – If you don’t have the right gear, start collecting it by giving your children these gifts for birthdays or Christmas. And make sure relatives know to give active gifts too.
  • Choose active outings – On weekends, go to the park, zoo, museum, beach, kids play centre and places that require you to keep moving. 
  • Walk together – Go for family walks. Walk the dog or explore a park. 
  • Make time for playtime – Time with children doesn’t need to be structured, but you do need to structure time for play. 
  • Help with chores – Involve children in chores that get them moving. Involve them in cleaning up their room, tidying the house or gardening. 
  • Try sports – Sports like soccer, athletics and cricket help children build coordination and confidence. Introduce the kids to different sports to help them find one they enjoy – one that promotes participation, rather than competitiveness. 
  • Active parties – Include activity in birthday parties or family get togethers. Try mini-golf, ice-skating or simply a game of backyard cricket.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy to exercise alone, try our trial program for just $14 for 14 days.


Outsmarting Plateaus Tip Sheet

24 May, 2017  Training

Blog Training Plateau

A common frustration during a DIYPT program is hitting a plateau with your goal, especially when you feel you are doing everything right. So, why hit a plateau?

  1. Reduced metabolic rate – First, you should know there is a good scientific explanation. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), or the energy you need just to survive, accounts for 60-70% of the calories you burn. Your BMR depends on how much you weigh, so the less you weigh, the slower your BMR. As you drop kilos your BMR slows. This is perfectly normal and explains why your weight can stabilise at certain times.
  2. Overeating – Underestimating caloric intake is probably the most common explanation for hitting a plateau. Research shows that people of all sizes underreport what they eat and drink by an average of 20% or more. And you may not even be aware you are doing this!
  3. Undermoving – Similarly, overestimating activity level can explain a plateau mystery. Greater periods of rest between exercise sessions can also result in less total daily caloric expenditure.
  4. Greater efficiency – As your activity program progresses you become more efficient at doing exercise. This is not just from the practise, but the metabolic efficiency that develops as you become fitter. The energy needed to complete the same amount of exercise decreases. The energy required during activity falls even further as you lose weight.
  5. Muscle gain – When you do resistance training you gain muscle mass at the same time you reduce body fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, so this change in body composition may not show on the scales. Seeing changes in how your clothes fit can be rewarding here.
  6. Medications – Some prescription drugs can make it harder to lose weight and reduce body fat. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns.
  7. Genetics – Sometimes, it is our genes that dictate what size and shape we can achieve in the long term. A plateau is a time to reassess the need to further reduce weight and how to maintain the healthy eating and activity patterns you have built into your lifestyle.

Remember, keep your eyes on the prize.


By Matt O’Neill, Dietitian - SmartShape.com.au



Three proven new years resolution actions


In January I gave you 3 simple tips to help you achieve your new years resolution. They were:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Have complete support from your circle of influence
  3. Seek professional help

Let’s go through each of them very quickly:

1.     Have a plan

In the last Juno, Juno in June, I spoke about the 4 Winter musts and they revolved around having a plan – ie. you need to make a decision and tying these decisions to a goal plus you need to have a plan for your training. So having a plan is paramount.

Specifically, what date are you going to achieve your fitness goal? Are there any road blocks along the way? For example if you want to lose 10 kilograms in 3 months and are about to go to America for a month, I suggest you factor this holiday into your timeframe. You know what they say “You fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

2.     Have complete support from your circle of influence

Did you know this includes your workmates, partner, your kids, your roommates, your best friends, family members and anyone else you spend plenty of time with.

Make sure your circle completely supports you, otherwise you will have to spend less time with them and hang around those who are a positive influence.  Because if you want to lose your belly fat and you’ve got your boyfriend smashing down cookies and cream ice cream in front of you, that’s not going to help. I’m not saying you have to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, just spend more time with people who are like minded and are a positive influence.

And if you lack these people in your circle, then follow people, watch, read or listen to atheletes, celebrities and motivational speakers. I do this for my own training where I follow Boxer Manny Pacquiao and Vasyl Lomachenko, Bodybuilder and Physique Coach, Dr. Layne Norton and Human Movement specialist, Ido Portal.

3.     Seek professional help

Did you know even a Personal Trainer like myself has a Personal Trainer. You have to learn from the best to be the best. Did you know the more experts you have in your circle, the easier it is for you to achieve your new years resolution. At one stage I hired a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist.


Have you ticked all 3 boxes and still haven’t achieved your new years resolution? If this is you, hang in there and don’t get disheartened. Contact me if you are fed up and ready to take the next step, I’ll personally work with you for 14 days for $14.

If you haven’t tried all 3 tips listed above, try them because these simple tips DO work! If you don’t know how to, let me know. Contact me on jonathan@diypt.com.au.


Time Saver Workouts


Here are other short workouts we've created specifically for busy parents who can spare a few minutes here and there. We've designed these workouts so you can repeat them and do more rounds if you have spare time. You can also mix and match them and do them in one day to give you variety. 

Remember, doing something is better than nothing! 

Doing these workouts, will build your consistency. And consistency is the most important factor in achieving your health and fitnss goal.


All body resistance workouts

10min circuit

Abs and Core

2min Belly Blast

Glutes (butt)

10min Butt Burner

10min Strong Buns

Lower body

12min Powerband leg workout

Upper body 

10min All about the Arms


12min Feel Good workouts 

We first started these 12 minute resistance based workouts to help us maintain our results through the 2017 Christmas holidays as we were away camping with the family and knew we would be indulging. 

We posted our workouts online and people were enjoying them so we wanted to continue it.

These workouts are for people that like to indulge and want an answer to burn away the extra guilt and feel great at the same time. Also for beginners and people new to exercise to have something to start with. 

Why should I do these workouts?

Episode 1 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 2 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 3 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 4 - Powerband all body workout





Workout recordings


Hi DIYPTers,

As promised, here is a series of workout recordings. If you'd like to do a class that you love while you're on holidays, here you go!


NOTE - ONLY FOR Booty Camp, CoreSome and Feel Good: To obtain the Gallery view of the Zoom workout, click on the name of the workout at the top of the screen once you click the relevant link below.

Body Strong

Boost ur Mood

Booty Camp - Access Passcode: m5XaS!J=

Boxing Body Blitz

CoreSome - Access Passcode: 8qBcSh%j

Feel Good / Wake Me Up - Access Passcode: 9?*Z@*K*