What exercise should you start with?

06 October, 2021 Training

If you’re just starting out, what’s the best exercise you should start with?

The key to sticking with your exercise in the long term is consistency. And it’s hard to be consistent if you don’t enjoy exercising or can’t find a way to enjoy it.

So here are my 3 MUSTS:

1. Start with something you enjoy like playing sport, running around with your kids, swimming, gardening, hiking or dancing.


2. If there ISN’T any form of exercise you like, do things that you enjoy when you exercise like:

    • social exercising, ie. exercise with a friend or do a group class;
    • listen to music;
    • exercise while watching your favourite TV show.


3. Work towards the weekly standard of 150 minutes light to moderate exercise, 75 minutes high intensity exercise and 2 sessions of resistance based workouts per week.