Time Saver Workouts

17 August, 2022 Training

Here are other short workouts we've created specifically for busy parents who can spare a few minutes here and there. We've designed these workouts so you can repeat them and do more rounds if you have spare time. You can also mix and match them and do them in one day to give you variety. 

Remember, doing something is better than nothing! 

Doing these workouts, will build your consistency. And consistency is the most important factor in achieving your health and fitnss goal.


All body resistance workouts

10min circuit

20min AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

Abs and Core

2min Belly Blast

3min Hit the love handles

Glutes (butt)

10min Butt Burner

10min Strong Buns

Lower body

12min Powerband leg workout

Upper body 

10min All about the Arms


12min Feel Good workouts 

We first started these 12 minute resistance based workouts to help us maintain our results through the 2017 Christmas holidays as we were away camping with the family and knew we would be indulging. 

We posted our workouts online and people were enjoying them so we wanted to continue it.

These workouts are for people that like to indulge and want an answer to burn away the extra guilt and feel great at the same time. Also for beginners and people new to exercise to have something to start with. 

Why should I do these workouts?

Episode 1 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 2 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 3 - Bodyweight all body workout

Episode 4 - Powerband all body workout