Morning rituals

05 September, 2017 Attitude

“95% of everything you do is the result of habit”. - Aristotle 


Tell me? What did you do as soon as you woke up? There is a good chance you could tell me exactly what you did without any hesitation. All of us have morning rituals, or you may call them habits, that you do everyday, whether you know it or not. Some are more beneficial than others. 

And it’s more than likely that it’s the boring actions that are the beneficial ones, like waking up at 4.30am to go for a run or waking up to eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t forget, the first hour of the day is known as the Golden Hour because it sets the tone for what happens for the rest of the day. You cannot take it casually. Use it wisely because it prepares your mind and body for that day.

And it’s for this reason all successful people have daily morning rituals that they do religiously, meaning they proactively and consciously spend time everyday on themselves first, to help make sure they’re strong and that they are in a great state to tackle the day ahead.

Benjamin Franklin, for example, every morning asked himself “What good shall I do today?” and then at night he would ask “What good have I done today?” I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and it really helps me prioritise my day and then at the end, I get a real sense of fulfilment when I can answer what good I have done today.

Tony Robbins, as you know from me always quoting him, is someone I look up to and have followed for many years. As soon as he wakes up he jumps into a warm bath and then minutes later changes it to a freezing cold bath. If you want something to wake you up and increase motivation first thing, try this one. I’ve been trying this for more than a year now, and as much as I dread doing it because of the freezing cold part, it really helps me wake up especially on those days where I’ve had 3-4 hours sleep.

It’s funny, studying the morning rituals of the world’s most successful people, I’ve noticed that the most common morning ritual is exercise. Go figure, hey? Barrack Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and many others start their day with at least 45 minutes of exercise. 

Obama even has said  “The rest of my time would be more productive, if you give me my workout time”.

So if you want my opinion, do your DIYPT program in the morning. Not a morning trainer? Too bad, because here are 5 reasons why those who workout in the morning have a big advantage.

  1. Crucial hormones that help build muscle and reduce fat (ie. testosterone) are elevated in the morning
  2. It leaves time for other priorities
  3. You’ll be more focused when you reach the office, school or when your kid/s needs you.
  4. You’ll be less likely to skip a workout
  5. Your metabolic rate will receive a quick boost, allowing you to burn more calories for the rest of the day

So if you want to succeed in your DIYPT program as well as other areas in your life, you need to know that success consists of lots of small, often boring actions or rituals. Basically the bigger your goal is, the more boring rituals you’ll have to do.

I think it’s very important you recognise this because if you understand this then you would have a better chance of succeeding.

Simon Reynolds makes a good point. He says “We see the glamorous lives that elite sportspeople live, the money and fame, crowds of people adoring their every move and we think we want their life. But so often the day after a glamourous event you'll find them back at the track, vomitting from the hardships of training (they don't like to show that on primetime TV), or rising at 4.30am to do two hours of laps in a lonely pool, or lifting weights until their muscles fail because they’re exhausted.

Remember, it’s the small, possibly, boring actions you do consistently everyday that makes the most difference. If you're stuck as to what ritual you should start with, try exercising in the morning,

Keep your eyes on the prize!