Did you know weight loss is 40% muscle loss?

09 September, 2021 Training

Juno weight loss is muscle loss

Are you a parent that has gained some weight during the pandemic? 


Many Australians have gained an average 3kgs over the pandemic, with the stress of COVID-19 seeing blood pressure and smoking rates rise. 


So more than ever, many Australians are looking to lose weight.


However, many people don’t realise there is a difference between weight loss vs. quality weight loss.


Research has repeatedly shown that ~30 to 40% of weight loss comes from muscle mass 💪


That is, for every kilogram of weight lost, 300 to 400g of that weight is your muscle mass!


This is very important for long-term results, as weight reduction that causes a significant loss of muscle tissue is strongly correlated with a GREATER APPETITE, LOWERED METABOLIC RATE and WEIGHT REGAIN.


Losing weight is all about energy restriction ie. reducing food intake / diet. 


If you’re going to go into an energy restriction / diet, we encourage you to implement WEIGHT TRAINING 🏋️‍♀️ to help reduce muscle loss.


You hang onto your muscle mass better than just diet and cardio alone. 


It will also minimise performance slumps and has led to greater fat loss efficiency.