First 4 weeks of my training program, the results.

18 February, 2019 Training

For me, the first four weeks of a fitness program is the hardest mainly because of the food plan. As mentioned in the last Juno newsletter, in the first 2 weeks I went on a maintenance calorie and macronutrient (macros) plan which was:


Training day

Non-training day




Carbohydrates 35%



Protein 35%



Fats 30%



This Maintenance phase allowed me to shed body fat without going on a ‘diet’ which cuts out essential vitamins, minerals and macros. I need these nutrients to thrive on the volume of the training program.

Me 4Weeks Front

Me 4Weeks Side

Me 4Weeks Back

For someone who was used to having 3500 calories and over 300g of carbohydrates per day during the holidays, these macronutrient targets were difficult. Thankfully my training program for the first 2 weeks was at a 70% intensity.

In week 3 and 4 I started to reintroduce more carbohydrates to go into a clean weight gain phase to increase size and muscle mass as my training gets heavier and harder. This is because being of Asian descent, it’s very hard for me to gain clean muscle mass without the added fat storage.

After 4 weeks I dropped 4.1% body fat and 3.2cm off my waistline. But don’t think that it was easy to get these results. 

There were a number of times where I didn’t hit my macros. During the Australia Day long weekend, I didn’t achieve my macro targets for 3 consecutive days! Another major setback was that I averaged 5 hours of sleep during these 4 weeks. Two to three black coffees helped with this. Also, I started stretching for the first half hour of every day.

So from here, my macros will go into a high fats phase before it goes into a carb loading phase and seeing how the body looks and feels, in week 9 and 10 I’ll go into a calorie deficit phase.

I would love to know how your fitness journey is going so far in 2019. Comment below or Contact Us directly.

Remember, keep your eyes on the prize.