Find your why

29 August, 2017 Attitude

"If you have a why to live, you can overcome almost any how".

- Nietzsche 


I was born in Binang, Laguna in the province of the Philippines. There were 7 of us living in a tiny house, no bigger than your living room. All concrete slabs, no insulation, air conditioning, not even beds.  

My mum studied Accounting and worked in the Philippines while looking after us 5 kids. When I was 4 years old, my parents decided to migrate to Australia in search for a better life. They couldn't afford to fly all 7 of us over so my youngest sister, Maryanne and brother, Jay stayed behind. 

So driven by the desire to bring Maryanne and Jay to Australia, my mum continued her studies and worked for State Rail, now called Sydney Trains. I remember clearly my mum waking up before everyone else, go to the shops to buy us breakfast, do a 7-6pm shift and on the days she came home, she would cook and clean the dishes in her work clothes and wouldn’t have any time for herself because she thought about us first before herself. On the days she didn't come straight home, she went to night school to finish off her Accounting degree, and then she would come home after 9pm. 

After a couple of years, my parents were able to fly my brother and sister, Jay and Maryanne to Australia to join us. This was a defining moment where my mum and dad felt proud of what they had achieved.

This year my mum is 63 years old and still works as an Accountant and still works her butt off. This is why I work my butt off. I do it for mum.

She is who I see on the days I struggle to get out of bed, in pitch black, in the cold.

She is who I see on the days I want to call in sick.

She is who I see when I'm stressed and want to give up.

She is who I see when I look at my family. She represents the hard work she and my dad went through to give me a better life and eventually meet my beautiful wife, Trinh and now are blessed with 2 beautiful boys, Brian and Dominic.

She is who I see when I'm thankful everyday for this great country we live in. We are fortunate to have all the opportunities in the world, have freedom, equality and justice. 

This is my why. And you know what, it is deep. Because it needs to be. It needs to hit the core of the reason why you do what you do to overcome all the hard times you will face. 

And in the 13 weeks of the DIY PT program, you will definitely come across hard times. You will want to give up, you’ll want to sleep in, you’ll say it’s too hard, you’ll come across a million excuses and will say how do I… but like Nietzche said at the beginning of this video, if you have a big enough why, you can overcome almost any how.

According to Simon Sinek, your why needs to be a purpose, a cause, or a belief. Everything else is just the result.

It needs to be more than to look good for summer or to look good for a holiday, this is simply the result and for some this result isn't big enough to justify the hardwork. Get down to the core of your reason. If your reason is just the result, most of you won't achieve your fitness goal.

I made that mistake when I did my first 13 week body transformation. My supposed 'why' was, I really wanted to have a 6 pack because I've never ever had one and I've been training for so many years. This is a result. It's not a why, because by our definition it's  not a purpose, cause or belief.

So did I achieve my goal? Big fat no. I continued to flex my stomach muscles every time I took my shirt off. A year later, I still wanted a 6 pack, but this time, my why was, I'm doing it for my business. I wanted to show people that I don't just talk the talk, I also walk the walk. I had a purpose, a cause. And so, of course I achieved my 6 pack. 

Focus on your why, not the result. Like how I think about my mum, not the pay check.

The same way you should think about the confidence and quality of life DIYPT will give you, rather than the 6 pack.