Fads & Myths: I'm cutting carbs out of my diet

07 February, 2019 Nutrition

"I’m cutting carbs out of diet.” How many times have you heard people around you say this? Or maybe you’ve said this yourself?

Compare The Carbs 

Firstly, we must understand the primary function of carbohydrates is to provide ENERGY(each gram of carbs = 17 kilojoules). Carbohydrates are present in all fruit and vegetables, breads and grain products, and sugar and many packaged foods.

Did you know, all carbs are made from sugar? When most people say that they are cutting carbs out, they think of bread, rice and pasta. The above example is an example which compares 6 items that all contain carbs that you may not be aware of.

Recently, someone said to me that low carb diets are really popular these days, what do you think? Are they really? Or maybe with the increase in packaged food; takeaway; soft drinks and serving sizes over the last few couple of decades that we are now finally going back to what is normal again? (Let me know your thoughts in the comment below).

When it comes to a healthy diet or losing weight, cutting out carbs is not the answer. Instead, choose carbohydrate-rich foods that are healthy and full of dietary fibre. Try to limit your intake of snack foods, as they are high in kilojoules, saturated fat, sugars and salt, and have very few nutrients and most importantly, pay attention to the SERVING SIZE!