Fads & myths - 9 myths about fat loss

27 January, 2021 Attitude

Most people don’t truly understand how fat loss diets work in the long term. There is so much information out there that people get caught up in more anecdotal evidence and biased research than actual solid unbiased research. If you want to know where we go to for unbiased information, contact us.

People try all different types of methods, which by the way I encourage because everyone is different and certain diets (aka food plans, I hate the word diet) may work for some but not for others. The issue I have is most people don’t analyse what truly causes them to lose fat. 

You lose fat by entering into a calorie deficit and keep to your macronutrients. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Focus on these two things and everything else, like your training, will fall into place.

Here are the top 9 misconceptions that still exist. Time to myth bust!!!

  1. You don’t lose fat because you cut out carbohydrates completely.
  2. You don’t lose fat because you cut out fat completely.
  3. You don’t lose fat by performing cardio on an empty stomach.
  4. You don’t lose fat by taking a fat burning pill. 
  5. You don’t lose fat by fasting.
  6. You don’t lose fat by doing high intensity interval training everyday.
  7. You don’t lose fat by just drinking shakes or going on a juice diet. 
  8. You don’t lose fat by avoiding sugar.
  9. You don’t lose fat by cutting out carbohydrates after a certain time, for example, at dinner.

These 9 myths above may give you results, it may even give you faster results than you expected. However, once you go back to eating normally, which you eventually will because diets can’t be maintained long term, you’ll gain weight and fat more than before!

Our DIYPT 13 week fat loss and weight loss programs utilize the methods of caloric deficit and macronutrient tracking. This is by far the number one reason why our clients get amazing results and long term results. 

And we don’t just give you results. We empower you along the process, give you your very own equipment and getting you to understand why and how things work. Everything you need for long term success and to empower others.