All the 'not so good choices' you can eat that won't slow you down heading into 2019!

06 December, 2018 Nutrition

I could tell you not to worry about nutrition and diet and enjoy the festive season. But DIYPT clients have worked hard all year and don't want to give up all the hard work over 2 weeks of fun and food. So here are the 2 steps I give our clients to keep them on track. Give it a go!

Step 1: Divide your plate into thirds

Party Food Divided

One third is for vegetables. Load up your plate with vegetables because the more you eat, the more nutrients your body receives and the less room there is for other not-so-good choices that your liver may not appreciate later. 

Another third is for your protein. Protein is such an important nutrient because our bodies need it to perform so many different functions. Plus, it helps satisfy you and prevent you overeating later.

The final third on your plate is for the ‘not-so-good’ choices. The stuff we enjoy and indulge on. Indulge mindfully and in small portions.

Step 2: Eat slowly

Eat slowly. Chewing your food thoroughly helps to slow the eating process. It allows your stomach to talk to your brain telling us when we are full, as well as optimising the digestion and absorption of the food we are eating.

I use the guide of chewing 20 times before I swallow.  

Give these strategies a go at 3 different meals and comment below to tell us how it’s working out for you. Remember, keep your eyes on the prize… especially at Christmas time!