29 August, 2017 Attitude


“We are what we repeatedly do” -Aristotle 


When I think of the word consistency I think of mathematics in school. In my final years of high school the pressure was on for me to do well and get into University, so I got my good friend Rodney to tutor me.

I asked Rod is there something I can watch, listen to or people that can help inspire me, to motivate me to get through my maths work?

… And he said… “of course there is, there is plenty out there but I don't want you to be concerned with that at the moment. You know why?” 

“Motivation is overrated”.

What?! I looked at him like a stunned mullet…. Motivation is overrated. What do you mean? 

He simply said, “You’ll figure it out. Now study!”

And I did figure it out. 

Motivation is an emotion, a feeling. You can ‘feel’ motivated, pumped up if you will, but that feeling will fade very quickly into nothingness unless you can back it up with a set of actions you act on consistently. Why do you think only 8% of people achieve their fitness new years resolution. Being a Personal Trainer at a gym, every year is so predictable. Late January and all of February the gym is jam packed full of people determine to reach their new years resolution and then it starts to die down in March. It’s because people are motivated to achieve their resolution and that motivation gets you started but consistency and perseverance is what gets you through.

Think more about consistency than motivation. Lock in one small gain each time. Just try to get to first base, don't try to go for a home run straight away. It’s like when I was learning my times tables back in 2nd grade. My mum said “don't worry about how much faster your friends are learning the times tables. You need to take it one step at a time”. So I committed myself to doing a set of times tables each week and worked my way up to 12x tables within 7 weeks!

I need to make it clear… you don't need to compete with anyone. If you see small progressions in your life, you'll win. Slowly and sure enough, you’ll catchup with everyone else. So if you can only commit to one DIYPT training session a week, then do that until you realistically can do more.  

Now running a business, I can see that you can’t do it with consistency alone. A little bit of motivation can give you the push you need to be consistent. That’s why I do these weekly revives to give you a hit of motivation to push you in your program.

 If there is one thing you take away from this video, I want it to be this. Commit to doing one of the actions I mention in your DIYPT program and food plan or it can be something else, small or large that you do everyday starting tomorrow which will help you get closer to your fitness goal. And then when you are ready, add another action and then another action until these actions become second nature and it will be undeniable for you to reach your goal. 

So go out there and be consistent. Keep your eyes on the prize.

“Excellence is then not an act, it’s a habit”.