Boxing Academy for Teenagers (B.A.T)

15 May, 2018 Training

Bat Defence Families

DIYPT is very passionate about boxing, with lead Trainer Jonathan having 15+ years of boxing experience. Accredited with the Working with Children Check and an Active Kids provider, we are also passionate about increasing the health and fitness of children.

Our B.A.T program is a non-contact program so injury is minimised. It goes for 10 weeks and by the end of it, your child will:

  • Be able to demonstrate the basics of boxing ie. the stance, 6 fundamental punches, slipping and weaving;
  • Increase self-confidence as each session is designed for your child to achieve and accomplish something;
  • Increase their fitness and strength;
  • Increase coordination, agility and reaction time;
  • Reduce frustration and stress.

How do I get my child involved?

Our B.A.T programs are currently run through schools. If you can get a minimum of 20 kids interested then I can organise a non-school affiliated program.

Important note: The program is not just available for teenagers. We also have kids from 8 years old.


$100 per child for the 10 week program. If you apply for the $100 Active Kids voucher that your child is entitled to, then our program is essentially free. Click here to apply

Current programs running:

  • Mt Pritchard Public School
  • All Saints Catholic Senior College
  • Wooloomooloo PCYC
  • Holsworthy Defence Families