At D.I.Y. P.T. we understand that your attitude can be both the key or the barrier to achieving body transformation success.

Thats why we will require you to watch a motivational video at the start of every week of your program to help re-energise you for the week ahead. We call these videos, Weekly Revives.

There will be days where you have all the motivation and energy in the world, but there will also be days where you won’t feel like it. That is why this section was born! Here at your fingertips is a smorgasbord of DIYPT videos and articles to educate and empower you to conquer your fitness journey.

Lack in motivation can relate to your attitude, training or nutrition so click on one of these at the bottom of the screen to view our library of videos and articles depending on what you feel like on a given day.

It will be predominantly your attitude that you will need to give a kick start, so make sure you spend the most time viewing and reading this section. Someone once said, “your body can stand almost anything. Its your mind you have to convince.”



Attitude is everything!

> "Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference”. - Winston Churchill
Every second of our life we get to make a new decision. Therefore.Read More >


10 minute all body workout

Do you have 10 minutes to spare for a workout?
We always say, something is better than nothing. When you’re starting out, doing 10Read More >


Fads & Myths: I'm cutting carbs out of my diet

"I’m cutting carbs out of diet.” How many times have you heard people around you say this? Or maybe you’ve said this yourself?
Firstly, we must...Read More >