DIYPT stands for Do It Yourself Personal Training, and we call it this for 2 reasons:

1️⃣ We’re about empowering our members with all the knowledge in both training and nutrition so that our members can increase their quality of life long term and have the confidence to overcome almost any obstacles in their life.

And with that empowerment, they will inevitably empower the people they spend most time with, including their family and children.

Hence why our mission statement is Empowering our generation to save the next generation.

2️⃣ The second reason we call ourselves Do It Yourself Personal Training is because when you signup to one of our memberships, we give you everything you need to achieve your fitness goal so you can ultimately do it yourself in the comfort of your own home!

This includes all the equipment you need to attend all our online fitness classes as well as direct access to our Head Trainer and Head Nutrition Coach to give you personalised advice relevant to you!

DIYPT empowering our generation to save the next generation.


Got some questions before you get started?

Jono - your fitness trainer

When does my fitness training program commence?

Your program will kick off on the Monday of whatever week you are ready to begin your transformation, with the first week being Orientation Week. This week is designed to prepare you physically, mentally and get your things in order for the coming 12 weeks. 

So the actual fitness training program won't begin until the week after Orientation Week.

What should I do before I get started?

Understand what you want to achieve in the program and then, it's as easy as completing the registration form. After registration, you are no longer on this fitness journey alone. Our DIYPT Community of members and my team will be there for you until the very end.

Do you cater for people with injuries?

If you cannot complete any of the pre-exercise assessments due to an injury, we suggest that you do not go ahead with our D.I.Y. P.T. program. 
Contact one of our friendly team members at DIYPT HQ to discuss the best option for you going forward with your injury.

What if I injure myself during the program, does the program continue on?

If you become sick or injure yourself, notify us via support@diypt.com.au and we can pause your program until you let us know when you're ready to recommence. 

What if I have to go away or go on holidays?

If you are going away on holidays and you’d like to pause your program, you’ll need to give us a minimum of 4 weeks notice so we can pause your program until you get back. 


What should I expect from the program and how is this different to any other program?

The program goes for 13 weeks with the first week being Orientation Week. In this week I give you tasks designed to get you mentally and physically prepared as well as get your life organized around the next 12 weeks of your program.

Unlike most other online programs, you will receive your very own equipment to do your workouts wherever you please, at home, in your office, in the park. It’s your fitness. Anytime, anywhere.

You have direct access to me, Jono, the Head Trainer because I’m your Personal Trainer. It’s not just an online program where you’re given the program and it’s left up to you to achieve your fitness goal, alone. DIYPT emulates what I do with my face to face clients at an affordable price. It’s the PT that everyone can afford.

Be educated every step of the way from knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth with the practical food plans to direct access to the Head Trainer for questions and advice.

My food plans are based on tracking macronutrients, so like I do with my face to face clients, I give you personalized macros and adjust them when necessary so you keep on progressing throughout the 13 weeks. Tracking macros does take time to get used to and like anything worth achieving, it takes hardwork and dedication. However, if you stick with it, you’ll achieve your fitness goal and will be empowered with knowledge that will stick with you forever and will inevitably pass onto your family and friends.

Seeing results and being healthy is infectious.

Do I get a food plan with this program?

Yes, but I don’t tell you exactly what to eat like some online programs out there. Yes, this approach makes it easier on you because you don't have to think too much, however it doesn't teach you a lot in the long run.

From my personal experience and years of consulting with people, we found it hard to maintain our results in the long term because we didn't know what to do after the program was finished. 

My food plans are based on tracking macros.

What does the food plan consist of? How do you track macros?

I set you a food plan goal each week to hit, because establishing good habits start one step at a time. Then, I calculate your personalized macronutrients based on a number of factors such as your age, gender, training goal, frequency and level of exercise activity and weight. The numbers are your macronutrients for the week, so it will vary per person. No point sharing them with your friends and family.

Finally, I’ll give you a list of macronutrients suggestions to base your meals around.

I’ve created a video for members to give them suggestions of meals to have to meet certain macronutrient numbers to give them a baseline of meal examples to pick and choose from to begin with.

Furthermore, I run regular webinars to address any issues and feedback members are having with their personal experience going through the program and food plan.

To track your macronutrients, we use the internationally recognized app, My Fitness Pal, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Is My Fitness Pal the only way?

To track what you’re eating, My Fitness Pal is not the only way. You can use other apps and food trackers, however, My Fitness Pal is the most used and highly recommended out of them all.

So if you use something else, go for it, just as long as you can track your macronutrients (calories, carbohydrates, protein and fats).

If you're asking, is tracking macros the only way. No, however from my 8+ years of experience plus an extra 8 years of personal fitness experience achieving my own goals, I''ve found that tracking macros is the most effective as it is black and white with what and how much you're allowed to consume. There is no guess work.

Would the program easily fit into my routine at home with my kids?

Yes. It was designed to cater for just that, because my target audience are busy people, particularly busy parents and busy corporates.

You have complete control of when you want to do the workouts and where you want to do them, hence my tagline “Your fitness. Anytime, anywhere”. With options to do shorter workouts, for those days where you are time poor as well as the fact that I give you your own exercise equipment, my program was designed to fit easily into your lifestyle.

How much time do I need to dedicate to training and eating right?

The answer to most questions regarding fitness goals is, it depends. It depends on so many factors such as how much exercise experience have you had, how committed are you to achieve the goal, what other commitments do you have in your life right now, your age, gender etc.

However, the 13 week duration of my DIYPT program is a good timeframe for beginners as well as experienced fitness junkies. It is not too short to expect quick, unrealistic and unmanageable (in the long-term) results and it’s not too long to feel like it will be difficult to achieve.

And as your question suggests, it is going to take dedication and hardwork so once again 13 weeks is a good timeframe to commit to.

Am I expected to go to a gym?

No. I give you your very own equipment for the sole purpose of being able to workout wherever and whenever you like. My tagline is “Your fitness. Anytime, anywhere”.

Nevertheless, I do have a gym program you can purchase, if you do want to do the gym program.


Am I fit enough to do your program?

There is no pre-requisite or requirement to be at a certain fitness level. In the first week, Orientation Week, you do a fitness test which is purely used to determine what level you’ll be doing ie. beginner, intermediate or advance program of the particular goal you choose to achieve.

Nonetheless, if you feel too unfit to exercise or have any medical conditions which will prevent you from exercising, we suggest you receive a clearance letter from your Doctor before commencing the program. You can send us your letter via email to support@diypt.com.au.

For the mums out there that are currently breastfeeding, will the food plan be tailored to my needs ie. Will it affect my milk supply or make me hungry?

Yes, the food plan will be tailored to your needs. I will include the fact that you're breastfeeding into my calculation of your macronutrients.

After going through my food plan for a week and it does affect your milk supply or make you hungry, contact us at support@diypt.com.au and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Can I change my program half way through? E.g move from home to gym program or between lose weight program to tone up.

Yes. You can make ONE request to change your program only if the request is received via email to support@diypt.com.au within the first 6 weeks of the program start date. Any subsequent requests made after the first 6 weeks of the program, will incur an Admin fee of $129 AUD. Making more than one request to change will also incur an Admin fee of $129 AUD.

In both scenarios in your question, you will receive a new program and will start from week 1. Also, this is irrespective of whether you paid upfront in full or on a weekly payment plan.



Daniela and me


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Some of the hesitations that passed through my head before starting DIYPT were the fact that I knew nothing about fitness. I didn't know how to start. I felt intimidated by the gym and by the experienced members, so to do a program on my own in front of them was frightening.

Furthermore, I'm not fluent in English so for me it was a big challenge to encourage myself to get into this fitness journey; and also I didn't know how well I would perform in the transformation of my new habits. 

In order to accomplish my goals, I needed help and expert guidance. Jono and his team were always aware of my improvements and current conditions, they created webinars to help us to understand how things worked, also a private group on Facebook with all the DIYPT members was part of the program which I loved the most. In there you were able to connect with people that were on the program too, in that way everybody could help, encourage and advise with their post, pictures and information.  That gives you an extra motivation to keep you on track with the program. 

Thank you Jono and DIYPT Community for everything I've learnt in this tough but worthwhile journey. I have created new positive habits which has made me a more confident and happier person.
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Jonelle and me


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 I cannot speak more highly of Jono and his team at DIYPT. Jono has not only changed my life but also the life of my immediate family. I've found my confidence and sense of self worth. I've found my work-life balance but haven't forgotten about me. Before DIYPT, my focus was towards my son and lost myself in the process.
Jono has provided me with his insights into how to not only lose weight immediately but maintain a healthy life which in turn flows over to long term weight loss. And for me this was my ultimate goal.
The Monday morning motivational videos got me going each week. The exercise plan was easy to follow along with the meal plan. Every weekend I got my 'Cook On'. It became a real family affair and ultimately that was a hidden agenda of mine, to influence my son into adopting lifestyle changes that will become an everyday thing.
DIYPT gives you that personal, family not judgemental atmoshphere, which was something I was looking for. Thank you doesn't measure up to the life path DIYPT has set me on. The future for my family and I is looking amazing. This is only the beginning of my journey but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
DIYPT you have changed my life.
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Lisa and me


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Being a busy mother juggling 3 kids and working part-time at a Childcare Centre had always made it hard to focus on myself. 
Before DIYPT, I would say my fitness level was moderate. I would try to fit in a little jogging and a boxing session once a week. I was hesitant to start the program as I wasn't sure if I could fit it into my schedule. Once I committed, I found the DIYPT progam easy to follow, as I was able to do it in my own time, anywhere, with step by step instructions and no fuss equipment.
The healthy meal options were not only tasty and nutritious, but quick and easy to put together. The 10 minute workouts were perfect when I was short on time and the Weekly Revives were very motivating. Progress photos and measurements once every few weeks was another great tool, especially to keep me focused on reaching my goals.
Thank you Jono and the DIYPT team, you guys have made me believe that I can achieve my fitness dreams!
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